Listing of all events on our SCUM server


We will regularly put a spot somewhere on the map and give you a certain amount of time to find it and make a selfie. Whoever sends us this selfie first, before the time runs out, will get a corresponding amount of coins!

You can find out when the next Selfie Event will take place on the #selfie Event Channel on our Discord.


The Deathmatch Event is practically a league game. We play 5 Deathmatch games on 5 different maps. The players with the most points from all 5 games are rewarded with coins:

  1. Place 500 FP
  2. Place 300 FP
  3. Place 100 FP

A player must have played in at least 3 games to be scored. The winner of 3 consecutive Deathmatch events will receive an additional surprise prize 😉. So it is worthwhile to participate more often.

When the next Deathmatch event starts you can follow in #deathmatch on our Discord.


At irregular intervals we want to invite you to a BBQ in the Trader Base. There will be meat, drinks, cocktails and music. More details in #bbq.


At irregular intervals we will double the loot for a certain time. You can find out when this will happen in the #high-loot Event Channel on our Discord.


The Death Rally is a car race for life and death.Pass all the checkpoints and you win. PvP is allowed during the whole Death Rally! More details and when the next Death Rallye will take place can be found in #death-rallye on our iscord.