The bounty hunt is on!

You want to take revenge on a player or just annoy someone? Then put a bounty on his head and let him become the hunted.

How does it all work?

Go to the #bot-commands channel and execute the following command: !bounty InGameName bountyCoins. Z.B.: !bounty aeq.one 500 Thats it, the hunt is on. The first one to kill the hunted gets the bounty automatically.

If you do not know the exact SCUM in-game name, you can search for it. e.g.: !bounty aeq 500 or !bounty one 500 Names with spaces must be placed in double quotation marks. e.g.: !bounty "aeq one" 500 To place a bounty you must be registered with the coin system and have enough coins in your account. The coins will be deducted directly from your account and automatically transferred to the hunter as soon as he has completed the order. The hunter must also be registered with the coin system, otherwise the bounty will stay open.

To see a list of all open bounties you can also execute the command !bounties in the #bot-commands channel.