a safe haven for part-time players

Alexandria on SCUMperience SCUM Server

Following the well-known place "Alexandria" from "The Walking Dead" we offer all players a safe haven where neither PVP nor raiding is allowed. Alexandria allows players who do not have the time or group size to invest in a raid safe base to experience SCUM. They can still enjoy the survival and PVP aspect of SCUM and move freely around the island.

What rules apply to the residents of Alexandria?

This is of course connected with corresponding rules. Meaning, every player who lives in Alexandria may ...

Every violation of a resident will be penalized with an official penalty and with banishment from Alexandria. Checks are carried out regularly!

Who can live in Alexandria?

In principle, any player or group may live in Alexandria as long as the rules are followed.

The gates of Alexandria are always open, if you decide to live there, please contact an administrator or the mayor of Alexandria. Who that is you will find out there for sure.

Where is Alexandria located?

Alexandria is located in a small town on the coast in sector D4. The place is generously fenced with a wall. The gates are not locked, so anyone can enter.