Admin Transparency
No admin absuse at SCUMperience

Admin Abuse is unfortunately very often a topic on some SCUM servers. We attach great importance to give full transparency about the activities of the admins. To prevent abuse of admin rights we use the following mechanisms.

1. Public admin log

Every admin command on our server is automatically posted by our bot on our discord. So everybody can get a clear view of what the admins do with their rights.

Some admin commands, such as #teleport, are posted anonymously to avoid revealing player information or locations.

SCUMperience SCUM server admin log commands

2. Admin only with second account

As most people know, there are things an admin can do that are not logged by SCUM. E.g. removing locks from doors or flying the drone over the map.

Therefore all SCUMperience server admins have two accounts. A main account with which they are just players on our server and an admin account, where ONLY the admin account has admin privileges on our SCUM server.

In addition, every login and logout of the admin accounts is posted on our discord, so everyone can track when an admin account was used.

SCUMperience SCUM server admin log sessions